Inspirational Music: The Cure

Disintegration is the best album ever. Everyone should own it..

I have a cousin, who gave me a mix-tape. Oh yes, it was the 90ties. I heard “All Cats Are Grey” in my walkman over and over, even while on the metro in Paris. Of course that leaves an impact.

The Cure, with singer/songwriter Robert Smith as the lead icon, is a mixture of pop, rock, goth and beautiful atmospheric tunes. They pretty much created their own genre, and while you know the genre right when you hear it, I can’t think of anything comparable.

The Cure can be quite a mouthful. For new listeners, I can recommend the singles collection “Galore”.

My most played tracks

A Forest from ‘Seventeen Seconds’

Great, great track.

All Cats Are Grey from ‘Faith’

Fascination Street from ‘Disintegration’

Lullaby from ‘Disintegration’

Burn from ‘The Crow Soundtrack’

Awesome, awesome track—as far as I know it was composed exclusively for “The Crow”.

Want from ‘Wild Mood Swings’

Wrong Number from ‘Galore’ (Single)

Homesick from ‘Disintegration’

Friday I’m In Love from ‘Wish’

Lovesong from ‘Disintegration’

Both Galore and Disintegration should be pretty cheap buys, considering their age.