Inspirational Music: Sonic Youth

I learned about Sonic Youth pretty late in the process. But better late than never, and SY is definately a better alternative to the alien antfarm of blinkin park guitar-rock bands.

Sonic Youth was presented the butt to kiss many times, but never kissed it. Atleast that’s what they said in an interview. It makes sense when you hear the music. It is decidedly underground, even on their 16th(?) studio album, Murray Street.

Their music has changed over the years, but can in general be described as underground guitar-rock, sometimes indie, sometimes melodic, sometimes just plain lovely noise.

Sonic Youth is going to release yet another album, in June 2004, entitled “Nurse”. Naturally I can’t wait.

My most played tracks

  • Rain On Tin from ‘Murray Street’
  • Probably the greatest rock song ever written.

  • Tunic from ‘Goo’
  • Disappearer from ‘Goo’
    If Rain On Tin isn’t the greatest song, this is.From the official site:

    Download 8-trk Demo

  • JC from ‘Dirty’
  • Dirty Boots from ‘Goo’
    From the official site:Download Dirty Boots 8-trk Demo | Live
  • Sunday from ‘A Thousand Leaves’
  • Radical Adults Lick Godhead Style from ‘Murray Street’
  • Disconnection Notice from ‘Murray Street’
  • Theres’s Sound-world from ‘Dirty’
  • Sugar Kane from ‘Dirty’
  • On The Strip from ‘Dirty’
  • The Empty Page from ‘Murray Street’
  • Teen Age Riot from ‘Daydream Nation’
  • Eric’s Trip from ‘Daydream Nation’
    From the official site:Download Live
  • Shadow of a Doubt from ‘Evol’
  • Cinderella’s Big Score from ‘Goo’
    From the official site:Download Live
  • Beauty Lies in the Eye from ‘Sister’
  • Kotton Krown from ‘Sister’
  • Becuz from ‘Washing Machine’
  • Bull In The Heather from ‘Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star’
  • Skink from ‘Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star’
  • Inhuman from ‘Confusion Is Sex’

For new listeners, I can recommend Murray Street, Goo and Dirty.Be sure to visit the Sonic Youth website to download some of the songs for free.