No | January 04 – Abstracts

Music from January 2002, by Kate (

Massively photo-manipulated, Noscope January 2004 consists of 5 abstract interpretations of specific natural elements.


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All pictures are taken in Sweden, on a rainy winter day.

The three first pictures (grass, rain & rust), were pretty straight forward, the third of them being the most difficult, as the image composition was pretty tricky to get to work. The idea was to make it look like old film, that is, with overexposure & colour errors etc.

I think it worked pretty well with img 01. 02 and 03, however, were de-railed by what a friend of mine calls “lucky accidents”, that is, things that happen while you’re working, that wasn’t supposed to happen, but makes it all better.

With this new direction, Image 04 & 05 (fire & wood), were pretty different, the bumpy texture being the only thing connecting them to the others.

04 was an interesting challenge, as the source photo was over exposed and with lots of motion blur of lights. Again, it was a pretty lucky source photo, so it was merely a matter of arranging a neat composition.

05 was an attempt to get back to the original idea, that is, old film. Another lucky accident (the glowing ring), got be to re-add the burnt film effect. I like this image the best.

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3 thoughts on “No | January 04 – Abstracts”

  1. Anders V. says:

    Once again you have achieved to create something beautiful. A small note about the gray though. I would like to see the pictures without them. What is the explanation of page 4, what is it a picture of?

    .: be sure to fix the typo in your notes. Decemer is missing a letter 🙂

  2. Joen says:

    sigh, the work just keep piling up 🙂

    yes, the gray stuff didn’t turn out quite as i wanted it to. i’ll prolly remove it early tomorrow sometime.

  3. Joen says:

    oh, forgot—the photo resource of picture 4 is a photographic mistake.. that is, set your camera for 4 seconds exposure, move it around lights for the duration, and you’ll get strange motion blurred streaks of light

    —the kind of blur i’m talking about, is actually just an extreme version of the usual blur that naturally come to photos taken where it’s too dark

    i actually used this as lumakeys for all the other images in the series.

    aaanyway—take this motion blurred image, slice it around in photoshop, smudge some pixels, smooth lasso interesting areas, unsharp mask, blur, copy, etc.

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