Photoshop Secrets of the Pros

“Photoshop Secrets of the Pros: 20 Top Artists and Designers Face Off”

By Mark Clarksson

Mark invited me to participate in this new book about “Photoshop Tennis”.

Photoshop Tennis is the act in which two fellow designers, develop a piece of graphic design together, through the exchange of their Photoshop .PSD files. Basically, one designer starts out on a blank sheet, does an illustration, and sends it to the other designer. This designer interprets and elaborates. This process goes back and forth til the piece is finished.

A free PDF sample chapter is available, and by a stroke of luck, it is the chapter with my match, with Audrey!

  • Download free sample chapter here.
    I was scheduled to face the profusely talented Audrey Mantey in a match themed around “Pollution”. We decided to make it a cooperative match, and I’m very proud of the end result.
  • The book contains 10 matches between 20 designers.
  • Each match consists of 10 volleys, 5 by each designer.
  • Source files from all designers (layered .PSD’s, .AI’s, etc.)
  • Text and (in some cases) audio commentary for each volley.
  • Every match was played in “real-time”, that is, all 10 volleys had to be made within 24hours. To see the end result with this in mind, is certainly interesting, and brutally honest.
  • The book is written for, and all source files work on, Mac & PC.

The book is priced at 44.99 US$, 32.99 GB?, 99.95 AU$, or 67.95 Can$.

The book can be purchased online via Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

Official website of the book, with more samples.