So it has come to this… [War in Iraq]

I am deeply dissapointed.

I am saddened, that “democratic” societies the world over can reach a point where war is the only option. Even when all diplomatic possibilites are not exhausted. Even when political pressure did in fact force the regime to do it’s bidding, perhaps slowly but still. Even when so many people world-wide demonstrate against the war. Even when countries have gone as far as to veto the war, something which in the political scene is so rare, that it should not be ignored.

I am deeply saddened, that in the next weeks, we shall follow CNN report of civilian casualties—both the US side, and the Iraqi side—none of the reports giving an accurate answer. All the while, the worldwide economy will fail, mongers having spent so much on this wrong, wrong war.

The result of the war, will be a new age of terror in the western world—a macro scale guerilla war against an enemy that believes in “preventive wars”. Likely, Bush will gain access to Oil to fuel his empire for years to come—but as we all know, oil comes to an end.

Imagine, if the incredible amounts of money, spent on this terrible war, were spent on refining wind technology, researching wave-electricity or solar power—perhaps one day we wouldn’t need oil.

“Patience running out”, is childs play rhethorics, perhaps what a parent would say to a disobedient child. As a political expression, it is the same as saying “we have made up our mind. Veto or not, UN mandate or not, Civilian casualties or not, we want this war—it is coming. And there is nothing you can do to prevent it.”

I say fight back. Demonstrate. Use your remaining democratic rights to do whatever is in your power. Alone it is not much, but if everyone makes an effort, it will make a difference. It is not unpatriotic to be against the war. It is your right.

Is war really the answer?

Sadly, in time we shall see.